American Airlines Permits Nut Allergic Passengers

American Airlines Permits Nut Allergic Passengers to Board Early

For the safety of its valuable customers, American Airlines has recently declared that it would permit its passengers who are suffering from nut allergy to board early in order to prevent exposure to allergens. The airline is taking immense initiative and is wiping the seats for allergic flyers so that they do not come into contact with any sort of residue left behind by the last traveler.

American Airlines tickets commented in a statement, ‘Flyers with the nut allergy can inform at the gate so that the crew can wipe the seats and other surfaces before their arrival. It has already been stated that the carrier does not serve nuts, however, it cannot promise that other passengers don’t bring their own snacks on flights.’

The new policy will come into effect from 12th December soon when the carrier will update its manuals. This change can save the life of approximately 15 million travelers who suffer from this life-threatening allergy.

Michelle Mohr, a spokesperson of the airline commented, ‘Commencing from 12th December onwards, flyers with nut allergy can take up the benefit of boarding the flights early. They can even request at the gate prior so that the seats can be wiped early. Although the airline does not serve nuts on flights, they cannot ask their passengers to bring nuts onboard.’

American Airlines has joined hands with Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines as well as Alaska Airlines as they too allow nut allergic travelers to board early.

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