New Meal Service for Business Class Travelers

American Airlines has Introduced a New Meal Service for Business Class Travelers

American Airlines has presently declared a new meal service for its Europe business class travelers flying on the Embraer aircraft. The newly introduced dining concept features top-quality meals and essentially prepared to be both varied and substantial. Referred to be CityHopper services, the new service would reflect matchless quality.

Considered to be termed as ‘Europe Business Class Box’, the meal service is divided into two, depending upon your American Airlines flying schedule. In midday flights, the carrier would provide a breakfast box full of fresh fruits as well as cold cuts comprising meat with a hot roll and cheese. During other times of the day, the airline would serve a meal box including salads as well as various side dishes consisting an apple pie slice. The new meal service would feature vivid individual elements, thereby permitting the flyers to customize their meal as per their taste and preference.

Furthermore, the airline has planned to provide a service of ‘dine on demand’ for long-haul flights. This would enable the passengers to decide the timing of the delivery of the meal box. This service is available on Valencia, Split, Ibiza, Cagliari, Porto and Helsinki. In addition, they would also receive a Dutch Kroket snack or feta and spinach pastry.

It has been stated that local suppliers would be used for the service and further, the airline also revealed that the meal boxes can be recycled. The boxes have been modernized and contain ample of space for a drink and fits perfectly on the trays.

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