American Airlines Permits Nut Allergic Passengers to Board Early

For the safety of its valuable customers, American Airlines has recently declared that it would permit its passengers who are suffering from nut allergy to board early in order to prevent exposure to allergens. The airline is taking immense initiative and is wiping the seats for allergic flyers so that they do not come into contact with any sort of residue left behind by the last traveler.

American Airlines tickets commented in a statement, ‘Flyers with the nut allergy can inform at the gate so that the crew can wipe the seats and other surfaces before their arrival. It has already been stated that the carrier does not serve nuts, however, it cannot promise that other passengers don’t bring their own snacks on flights.’

The new policy will come into effect from 12th December soon when the carrier will update its manuals. This change can save the life of approximately 15 million travelers who suffer from this life-threatening allergy.

Michelle Mohr, a spokesperson of the airline commented, ‘Commencing from 12th December onwards, flyers with nut allergy can take up the benefit of boarding the flights early. They can even request at the gate prior so that the seats can be wiped early. Although the airline does not serve nuts on flights, they cannot ask their passengers to bring nuts onboard.’

American Airlines has joined hands with Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines as well as Alaska Airlines as they too allow nut allergic travelers to board early.

The Most Popular Winter Season Flight Destinations American Airlines

The Winter season is quickly approaching and you need to get prepped as soon as possible. Check out this list of best destinations for Winter 2018/2019. We’ve got destinations within cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, and Bangkok. But, if you want to get the list of popular destinations within other cities like Paris, Berlin, or others, just contact us on American Airlines Reservations or call on this phone number  1-833-603-5959

From New York (NYC)

IATA City Average price
MOW Moscow $ 502
LAX Los Angeles $ 274
MIA Miami $ 202
PAR Paris $ 365
LAS Las Vegas $ 270
SFO San Francisco $ 280
CHI Chicago $ 174
STI Santiago $ 434
ORL Orlando $ 187
CUN Cancun $ 327
SDQ Santo Domingo $ 457
BKK Bangkok $ 782
ATL Atlanta $ 234
BOM Mumbai $ 1036
YTO Toronto $ 138
LON London $ 471
LOS Lagos $ 1062
TYO Tokyo $ 978
LED Saint-Petersburg $ 600
TPA Tampa $ 272

From Los Angeles (LAX)

IATA City Average price
MOW Moscow $ 599
LAS Las Vegas $ 102
MNL Manila $ 721
NYC New York $ 345
SGN Ho Chi Minh City $ 547
BKK Bangkok $ 541
SFO San Francisco $ 173
HNL Honolulu $ 410
WAS Washington, D.C. $ 357
SEL Seoul $ 729
CUN Cancun $ 322
SHA Shanghai $ 1047
MIA Miami $ 224
MSY New Orleans $ 251
CHI Chicago $ 350
PAR Paris $ 250
SYD Sydney $ 814
PDX Portland $ 169
SEA Seattle $ 165
LON London $ 501

From London (LON)

IATA City Average price
MOW Moscow $ 266
LED Saint-Petersburg $ 105
NYC New York $ 516
IST Istanbul $ 215
KIV Chisinau $ 306
BKK Bangkok $ 1269
LIS Lisbon $ 174
IEV Kiev $ 106
VIE Vienna $ 200
BCM Bacau $ 297
MAD Madrid $ 159
OVB Novosibirsk $ 184
MSQ Minsk $ 525
LCA Larnaca $ 146
REK Reykjavik $ 113
BUD Budapest $ 108
BUH Bucharest $ 140
TLV Tel Aviv $ 238
TIA Tirana $ 291
KZN Kazan $ 212

From Bangkok (BKK)

IATA City Average price
HKT Phuket $ 47
KBV Krabi $ 51
USM Koh Samui $ 239
CNX Chiang Mai $ 60
MOW Moscow $ 324
URT Surat Thani $ 52
KUL Kuala Lumpur $ 97
SIN Singapore $ 184
REP Siem Reap $ 112
DPS Denpasar $ 224
SGN Ho Chi Minh City $ 88
CEI Chiang Rai $ 49
RGN Yangon $ 82
TPE Taipei $ 205
TYO Tokyo $ 356
LED Saint-Petersburg $ 382
PQC Phu Quoc $ 264
HDY Hat Yai $ 41
SEL Seoul $ 364
HKG Honk Kong $ 213

American Airlines has Introduced a New Meal Service for Business Class Travelers

American Airlines has presently declared a new meal service for its Europe business class travelers flying on the Embraer aircraft. The newly introduced dining concept features top-quality meals and essentially prepared to be both varied and substantial. Referred to be CityHopper services, the new service would reflect matchless quality.

Considered to be termed as ‘Europe Business Class Box’, the meal service is divided into two, depending upon your American Airlines flying schedule. In midday flights, the carrier would provide a breakfast box full of fresh fruits as well as cold cuts comprising meat with a hot roll and cheese. During other times of the day, the airline would serve a meal box including salads as well as various side dishes consisting an apple pie slice. The new meal service would feature vivid individual elements, thereby permitting the flyers to customize their meal as per their taste and preference.

Furthermore, the airline has planned to provide a service of ‘dine on demand’ for long-haul flights. This would enable the passengers to decide the timing of the delivery of the meal box. This service is available on Valencia, Split, Ibiza, Cagliari, Porto and Helsinki. In addition, they would also receive a Dutch Kroket snack or feta and spinach pastry.

It has been stated that local suppliers would be used for the service and further, the airline also revealed that the meal boxes can be recycled. The boxes have been modernized and contain ample of space for a drink and fits perfectly on the trays.

Make the Worth Out of Your 24 Hours Business Trip to Singapore

Considered to be Asia’s hit-list destination, Singapore is climbing the charts amongst many business entrepreneurs. A hub of biggest industries, it’s essentially an inevitable stop and a meeting point for most corporate visitors. Are you here in this tiny island city for just 24 hours on your clock? Thinking how to get a taste of the lion city in just a day. Singapore might appear small; however, it packs incredible things to see and enjoy. A potpourri of architecture, culture, food and religion, Singapore’s top sights can be witnessed with just a day to play with.

If you go with American Airlines Reservations Here’s a planned itinerary to ensure you get the most out of this matchless country in just 24 hours:

An Adventure Morning Trip to the City’s Chinatown Market

How about starting your day with an adventurous trip to the Chinatown market? Well, it’s something out of the ordinary. At the lively Chinatown market, you would be jaw dropped to hear the jarring sounds of restaurant chefs and home cooks wrangling for their fresh produce. The seafood, vegetables and fruits appear colorful to eyes and they look truly exotic. Enjoy a traditional Singaporean breakfast at Singapore’s revered destination namely Nanyang Old Coffee. A breakfast of kaya toast, two runny eggs as well as a caramel coffee cup will surely make your day. Add a dash of soy sauce and a pinch of pepper to the eggs and you are all set to enjoy the taste of Singaporean goodness.

While here, delve into the colorful history by visiting the Chinatown Heritage Center. The beautifully adorned Hindu Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple as well as the Jamae Mosque all painted in mint green are referred to be area’s showstopper.

Mingle with Locals in the Afternoon

When hunger strikes your nerves in the afternoon, head towards Maxwell Food Centre and enjoy a lip-smacking meal. Don’t forget to save your seat before you order your food. Don’t hesitate to share a table as it offers you the chance to interact with the locals here. After you get refilled with a delightful breakfast, catch sights of the fascinating Colonial District and discover the best museums of the country comprising Peranakan Museum, National Museum of Singapore and Asian Civilizations Museum.

Spend the Evening at the Chic Rooftop Bars

After a tiring day full of new discovery, it’s time to grab a seat and enjoy a relaxing evening at a lively rooftop bar in Singapore. For a spectacular terrace view, the chic CÉ LA VI lying atop the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the worthiest destination. Furthermore, Smoke and Mirrors, as well as Lantern, fits the bill to let you enjoy sophisticated views of the Marina Bay Sands.

In a nutshell, the city has abundant to offer to its tourists, even if they lack time. So, head to this delightful land and get a knockout view of the lion city in just a day.

Aer Lingus has Declared to Facilitate Transatlantic Economy Class Guests

Aer Lingus has declared that it would facilitate its Smart Fare Transatlantic economy class passengers with 20 MB of free Wi-Fi when its first Airbus A321LR jets will take its delivery in 2019. At present, free Wi-Fi is only enjoyed by passengers flying in business class on the Airbus A330. In addition, the airline has also provided the facility of offering complimentary refreshments for economy flyers.

Stephen Kavanagh, the CEO of the carrier confirmed the news. He also spoke about the surging transatlantic network of the airline. Currently, Aer Lingus launched new routes to Montreal and Minneapolis, thereby serving fifteen North American destinations. In addition, the carrier is also planning to reinforce new uniforms and livery in the early quarter of 2019, next year. The alterations are aspects of brand refreshment.

Stephen Kavanagh commented, ‘We would offer our transatlantic Economy guests with complimentary beer and wine along with sumptuous meal service. We are also providing 20MB complimentary Wi-Fi service free of cost to all our valuable Smart Fare transatlantic economy travelers to enable them to enjoy free social messaging.’ He also stated, ‘Aer Lingus would also reveal a new identity in the month of January. Ideally, reflecting in a modern appearance, the airline would soon fulfil its ambition of becoming the foremost airline across North Atlantic and also you can book American airlines reservations flights tickets with best offers & deals

Enjoy the Lively Atmosphere of Paris Like a Local

From finding out some amazing destinations to drink to searching for extraordinary classic riches, experiencing every layer would enable you to live like a local in Paris. No doubt, you are here for an important business conference, however, there’s nothing wrong in becoming a part of the life in the city. Featuring an iconic beauty to discover, the cityscape will never leave any traveler empty-handed.

It’s known to all that Parisians stand out for their elegance and style. You too do not want to look like a tourist. Imitate their look and walk like a local. To talk on, Paris has its own identical charisma. The rhythm of the city’s daily life is as cool as a cucumber. Winters are special because as you walk around, every street would be crowded with vendors selling roasted chestnuts and further you can also enjoy ice rinks. Festivals here unite the crowd. The Paris Jazz festival feature live music. Decorative stages are set up in every nook and corner and further outside bars are seen all across the cityscape. Everything is free. Undoubtedly, the festive moments electrifies the atmosphere in Paris.

Do you want to get away from the phenomenon of the tourist trail and get under the skin of land? If yes, refer to the points below and fulfill your dream of living like a local:

Go on a Hunt for Extraordinary Souvenirs at Saint-Ouen Flea Market: How about finding a worth piece of souvenir for yourself? Yes, it’s a treasure during your travel for you to cherish the memories of a mesmerizing land. Enter into the Saint-Ouen Flea Market and spend hours hunting your favorite souvenirs. Right from posters, furniture, books to tableware; everything here is unique and as pretty as a picture. For sure, your list is endless!

How About Enjoying a Wine Concert: Definitely, the experience would be awesome! Paris organizes wine concerts to offer travelers a mind-blowing wine experience. Providing an afternoon and evening class as well as free tasting paired with three-star meal, the concerts are simply wow. Essentially, it’s a great way to learn something new and enjoy the taste of fine wines.

Socialize with People at the Local Markets: Parisians love to buy their groceries from the markets in the city. So, why to lack behind! Head into the markets namely the all organic Marché Biologique des Batignolles, Belleville Market, Le Marché des Enfants Rouges and more and get a chance to socialize with the locals of the land.

A Dance with the Locals: In Paris, from June to September, Tango Argentin organizes famous cha-cha, tango and rock nights on the pristine banks of Seine. It’s an opportunity for the tourists to mingle with the natives and dance with them.

So, head to Paris amidst the luxurious of business class flights with American Airlines and meet your new neighbor. Arrive as a tourist and live like a local.

American Airlines New boarding Process

Leading US carrier American Airlines has changed its boarding procedures. The airline has put a new boarding process in place; doing away with the practice of boarding passengers from the back to the front of the plane.

Calling the new procedure as ‘random’ seating method, the airline said that the new boarding process will significantly save time. According to an official of American Airlines, the ‘random’ seating procedure is aimed at minimizing the gridlock occurring among passengers in the same row vying with each other to get their seats simultaneously.

According to the new boarding procedure, the First Class and Business Class passengers and other travelers having priority seating facilities first board the flight. After this, the coach passengers are made to board the flight in the order they had checked in, irrespective of where they have to be seated.

Scott Santoro, American Airlines reservations Director of Airport Consulting, rued the fact that it isn’t possible at all for all the 24 people to be seated in four rows boarding the flight at the same time. He cited studies saying that the random seating procedure significantly reduces boarding times five to 10 percent.

On the other hand, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants have expressed their happiness and shown disagreement over the new boarding procedure. Their contention being that the attendants are now forced to spend more time to prepare the plane for takeoff because the process has created a ‘complete chaos’ among the passengers. Besides, they also said that they are not paid for putting in their extra time required for the plane to be loaded.

The issue of the fastest way to load a plane is already raging for about a decade. The Journal of Transport Management published a study in 2008 citing that the airlines spending less time in boarding passengers have high chances of generating more revenue by squeezing in more flights into a day. The study indicated that US$30 per flight can be saved with every minute cut on boarding passengers.

American Airlines to offer Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1

The American Airlines recently signed a landmark agreement with leading mobile phone provider Samsung Mobile to provide Galaxy Tab 10.1 mobile tablets for premium class in-flight entertainment.

By ordering the world’s thinnest mobile tablet currently available, the American Airlines has become the first North American airline to feature branded tablets onboard.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, a Wi-Fi enabled tablet measuring at just 8.6 millimeters is the thinnest large screen tablet available in the world. Powered by the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) platform, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers faster and smoother transitions between different applications, more intuitive navigation to and from home screens and broader support of USB accessories, external keyboards, joysticks and gamepads.

The airline said in a statement that it is planning to deploy 6,000 new Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices onboard select flights beginning later this year.

The American Airlines reservations premium cabins’ current personal entertainment device will be replaced by the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 on transcontinental flights between international flights to and from Europe and South America; New York’s JFK and Los Angeles, JFK and San Francisco, and Miami and Los Angeles; and transcontinental flights departing from Boston to Los Angeles.

Dale Sohn, President of Samsung Mobile, said, “Earlier this month we made history by launching the world’s thinnest large screen tablet currently available and now we unveil another first with American Airlines’ selection of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. As we continue to grow our enterprise customer base, we’re committed to empowering a connected mobile workforce and enabling leading companies like American Airlines to enhance their customers’ experience by providing world-class entertainment and enterprise-ready devices.”

American Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways expand codeshare agreement

The American Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways have announced that they are expanding their codeshare agreement. This will help American Airlines add 11 new destinations to its network in the US.

Both the airlines are partners of oneworld, the leading global airline alliance in the world.

Under the agreement, the American Airlines will be able to place Cathay Pacific’s “CX” code on selected domestic flights between O’Hare International Airport in Chicago and nine US cities. These cities include Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Kansas City, Minneapolis-St Paul, Philadelphia and Pittsburg.

Besides, American Airlines Reservations services from Los Angeles to Phoenix and Salt Lake City will also be covered under the new arrangement.

The airline said that the tickets for the new codeshare services are open for sale now for travel commencing September 1, 2011, when Cathay Pacific starts its new daily service between Hong Kong and Chicago.

Expressing his happiness over the new agreement, John Slosar, Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific Airways, said, “This is another milestone for Cathay Pacific and our long-term partner American Airlines. Both airlines show great commitment to our customers and this latest arrangement will provide more choices and greater convenience for Cathay Pacific passengers traveling between Hong Kong and the US.”

American Airlines receives its first Boeings Next-Generation 737-800 featuring new Boeing Sky Interior

The American Airlines recently received its first Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft featuring the all-new Boeing Sky Interior (BSI) delivered to it by the aviation giant Boeing. With the purchase of the new aircraft, the American Airlines aims to reassure about its commitment to improving and modernizing the customer experience through the execution of its fleet renewal plan.

Virasb Vahidi, American Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, said, “American Airlines has made a significant investment to enrich the flying experience for our customers through the purchase of new aircraft and the refurbishment of our existing fleet. The delivery of the first 737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior is our most recent step to deliver on this commitment.”

Several unique features are offered in the new 737-800 BSI interior. The features include larger overhead bins that are modeled after the 787 Dreamliner’s pivoting bins; sculpted sidewalls to provide customers with a contemporary feeling of spaciousness; updated window that make the windows appear larger; brighter and longer-lasting LED lighting that can be programmed to create different effects during the flight; intuitive placement of switches and call buttons; and improved sound quality to enhance the customer experience.

The American Airlines reservations in a statement said that it began taking delivery of new Boeing 737-800s without BSI in April 2009 as part of its fleet renewal plan. In 2009, the airline received the delivery of 37 737-800s. In 2010, the airline received 45 more aircrafts. However, the airline plans to receive 15 737-800s in 2011, 28 aircrafts in 2012 and 11 aircrafts beginning in 2013.